dry safe underpad

Under Pads

Dry-Safe Underpads for Adult incontinence. Available in packs of 1 and 10 pieces. 

Product features

  • Anti-leakage and clean:
    Thermal pressurizing with extra width and length prevents side leakage. Water proof back film ensures cleanliness.
  • Dry and comfortable:
    Soft breathable and non-woven top-sheet with high quality sap keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Skin friendly:
    Fluff absorber with reticular embossed design assures high absorbency and being permeably damp proof makes it skin friendly.
  • More reassurance:
    Strict control of the product's material and production assures your safety and health.



Top layer: Non-woven cloth.

The absorption layer: Absorbing tissue, Wood pulp, High quality super absorbent polymer.

Bottom Layer: P.E. film.

Usage Instructions

  1. Open the Under-Pad (not entirely, as illustrated) Only one end facing your side.
  2. Place the patient towards the right, then insert the underpad(as illustrated). Then restore patient to normal state.
  3. Now, place the patient towards left. Extend the folded part and then restore the patient to normal state.
  4. Based on practical condition, adjust the location as required.

After using the disposable pads, please dispose it off in the garbage bin and be careful to not drop it in the toilet bowl. Keep the environment clean.

Best before 36 months from date of manufacturing.

Store in cool and dry place.

Size: 60cm x 90cm

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